Brighton is a fast developing education company with an international footprint that brings a unique combination of proven excellence across the world in successful education reform, high quality learning and achievement across our own schools, and significant knowledge and expertise drawn from the very best of international practitioners, educational thinkers and leaders.


Vision at Brighton Education Group is to create opportunities for students and teachers in ASEAN and the region. They intend to realize this vision by employing an approach that builds upon:

  • an unparalleled blend of international expertise and leaders in English language and literacy development, educational system reform, school improvement, raising academic and pastoral standards, curriculum and assessment design;
  • a curriculum and teaching enhancement model that Brighton have designed speficically to support and promote the curriculum; one that is sustainable, scalable and applicable beyond the project schools;
  • a very strong network of partnerships that draw upon the very best of international resources and expertise;
  • a strong network of partners, enabling us to deliver and develop a local workforce skilled to continue reform beyond the lifetime of this contract;
  • demostrable success in building sustainable programmes that continue to feed and generate reform once our own role in the project comes to an end; and
  • the significant experience they have for building whole curriculum and school reform systems which are designed to meet local challenges and cultural contexts.

A prime aim of the Brighon Education Group programme is to develop sustainable reform in the teaching and learning of English by working on a day-to-day basis with teachers/trainers and students, but also regularly with college and school leaders, provincial and national education authorities.