Skills Johor's objective is to enhance the human capital development in Malaysia. It serves as a platform to develop suitably skilled workforce for Johor in particular, and Malaysia in general. 


Skills Johor is the first technical and vocational skills training hub in Malaysia and has been awarded the status of an accredited Master Administrator by the Skills Development Department under the Ministry of Human Resources. Skills Johor’s objective is to improve the employability and entrepreneurship of Malaysians through quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), relevant to current and emerging market and industry needs. It serves as a platform to provide and develop suitably skilled workforce for Johor in particular, Malaysia and Southeast Asia in general.

“Developing Skills, Advocating Growth” 

  • To upskill the current workforce relevant to industry needs
  • To enable workforce to command higher wages
  • Elevate overall income levels and mitigate potential socio-economic issues arises from unemployment
  • Highly skilled talent will increase business operations in Johor
  • To work with industries in order to create more job opportunities in technical, skills and vocational areas