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Lean Entrepreneurship for the Gig Worker

This program is an applied learning program, conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions, peer-to-peer assessments, feedback and personal consultation.

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Sales Management for B40 Entrepreneurs

This training covers the learning necessary Entrepreneurship and Lean Management skillsets, participants will benefit from Sales Management; understanding the sales cycle, and how to develop customers from where they are to where participants want them to be.

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Kaizen Lean Transformation Program

This training aims to impart the necessary knowledge needed for team members to reduce waste activities, improve productivity and efficiency, have smarter processes in place, better use of resources, and transform the team from order takers to solution providers, ensuring cost containment, revenue building and great client relationship management.

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Solidifying Sales with Proper Customer Management (8 days)

This training covers the entire lifecycle of interactions with the customer, from prospect through to repurchase and maintaining business relationships to keep customer satisfaction rates high, by applying LEAN management concepts.

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Managing Talent with Lean Entrepreneurship (8 days)

This training incorporates LEAN methods where you will learn how to maximise customers’ value in an organisation with fewer resources, and reducing factors that waste time, effort and money, embracing both short- and long-term improvement processes.

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Leading in Challenging Times (3 days)

This training will teach you how to strategise, build relationships, influence others, and get results during tough situations by applying proactive leadership skills and strategies to achieve your organisation’s goal.


Skills Johor is the first technical and vocational skills training hub in Malaysia and has been awarded the status of an accredited Master Administrator by the Skills Development Department under the Ministry of Human Resources. Skills Johor’s objective is to improve the employability and entrepreneurship of Malaysians through quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), relevant to current and emerging market and industry needs.